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A Message from Erv.


I do these two websites for CFHS


plus A Message to Erv at :


I have been trying to contact Jerry Mooers please contact me at Isee he has moved to Carmel Indiana Jerry and Jan Mooers 14465 Equity Blvd Apt 1A Carmel Indianna 46033 I have been in the hospital for the past 4 months and was not on the computer. Jerry's email address.

I give my best wishes to all that went to CFHS in the 50's.

The next three pictures below are of me in case some of you have forgotten me. Believe me I have not forgotten any of my classmates at CFHS and to this day I am convinced they were/are the best.

Ervin E. Harmon


The picture above is one of three pictures I have of my CFHS days. I'm in the front row 1st person on the right when you look at the picture. There is another one of these pictures that makes up the complete class of 1954 these pictures were in the 1951 yearbook.


The above photo was when I started the 9th grade. I started the season on varsity at 95 pounds but it didn't last long as I was a
passenger riding with my Father in his pick up truck and he came upon a bunch of ICE and ended up rolling the truck about three times. I was alive but my body did not function very well for about six months. I did not end up finishing the wrestling season and was replaced by Gordon Cranston. This picture did not make the yearbook. The three people behind me were my favorite wrestlers, and people I looked up to: Duane Thomas, Don Hartley, and Jim Boysen.


I just received the above picture from a member of the class of 1951. This one brought a lot of memories as I was a freshman and this was at initiation at Washington Park. I am the middle boy wearing knee length trousers. I believe I am shining Jean Wilkersons shoes which I was very willing and happy to do.

I have sent e-mails out to several class members listed as a member with an e-mail address and several came back because the e-mail address did not exist or was incorrect. I will be glad to update your e-mail address for you.

Best wishes to all....Erv.
I and my companion C. Gale Perkins, for the past 16 years, live in Florida during the winter and Massachusetts during the summer.


I met Gale after my wife of 34 years passed away and her husband of 43 years passed away. Gale spent 12 years as a child in the Lakeville State Sanitorium in Lakeville, Ma.  with Tuberculosis of the bone. She finished the 9th grade in the hospital and was often the only student in her class. Her last 3 years in High school was at Malden High School in Malden, Ma. Class of 1951. Below is a picture of Gale in the crib talking to her Aunt Eunice. The book is a memoir about Gale's life. The Baby's Cross is the title of a poem written to Gale from her Mom.