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The PDF's below are all available now on Payhip and Tradebit.  Payhip takes the orders if you pay using PayPal. 

Within a few minutes they send you the PDF's to download after you make the payment. If you have any problem contact me.  ErvHarmon@aol.com 

I am continually adding PDF's so please  come back from time to time to see if I have something new.

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My Tradebit Links is below:

See My Great PDF's on High School and College Wrestling
When you click on this link
 You can type in the title of a PDF that you are interested in. I intend to have the same PDF's on both places eventually. Tradebit takes PayPal and Credit Cards and payhip only takes PayPal.

I like Tradebit very much because they look out for the buyers.
if you have a problem with downloading any ebooks or pdf's you buy from me or anyone else that sells using Tradebit. Contact Tradebit support and tell them and they will make sure you get what you purchase. Tradebit takes PayPal and Credit Cards and payhip only takes PayPal.

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Below is some links to my favorite authors writings, I was with Gale when she wrote her book, "The Baby's Cross". I loved the book and highly recommend it. I also liked her Booksigning I linked below.

To contact :  C. Gale Perkins

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