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Welcome to my web-site
My clown name is Hugs N Kisses
I am also known as C. Gale Perkins . I have been clowning for some thirty years and clowning has been very good to me. I am a member of Haps Alley in Haverhill, Ma. and also a member of The World Clown Association.
Below are some of my clown photo's and the ET photo of me was when I did ET in the early 80's.
The second photo was taken shortly after I started clowning in the early 1970's . The other clown photo's were done more recent. One of the most exciting highlights I have had was driving around on the top of a firetruck going all over town as ET. See the top photo below.
The Bottom Photo is me enjoying myself at the world clown 2001 convention In Orlando,Fl.. I enjoy going to the yearly  clown conventions as it is an opportunity to meet and share with fellow clowns.






Above is the logo and link for the clown alley I go to. I feel very fortunate to be a member of this great alley
Below is my favorite clown supply. Click on the clown supplies logo to go to their web-site. A great place for clown supplies.  Tell them Hugs N Kisses sent you.



Books by C. Gale Perkins
From the Publisher
Click here for details on "Transcending Time: Poems by an Angel"
Transcending Time-poems by an Angel- A legacy left by Marjorie Logan Willson to her two daughters Gale and Elaine also to other loved ones. Marjorie knew she would not be around and yet the faith she presented in her poems...More
This is the first copy that was sent to me by the publisher after I approved it. I hope you order a copy...... Gale
Click here for details on "A Pumpkin for God"
Color (8.5x8.5)
ISBN: 9781438943367
A Pumpkin for God was inspired by my Granddaughter Keri, who was trying to accept her Grandfathers death and did it in such a beautiful way that I felt it was a story that should be told...More
Click here for details on "The Baby's Cross"
Paperback (6x9) - $17.75
ISBN: 9781410793683
The Baby’s Cross- is a story about Gale, a young girl who fought many obstacles in her life to survive. She was born prematurely and with the help of a neighbor, she survived.  At age two, a fall down the stairs was...More


C. Gale Perkins is very proud to be part of "On The Lake" 

Production Notes of the documentary film

 "On The Lake"

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On The Lake: Life and Love in Distant Place



Below is a video of a Book signing

C. Gale Perkins did at Stonehedge.
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C. Gale Perkins